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[FT520CASA] 560 Catamaran Sail Yacht[Stuart Bloomfield design]
560 Catamaran Sail Yacht[Stuart Bloomfield design]
Length 17m(56feet)
Beam 8.4m
GRT 14Ton(load 18Ton)
Bunker 1,800liter
Engine the ship
Horse power 190hp
Price Price Inquiries

Korea has a rias coast, and there are a lot of districts in a variety of shapes depending on rainwater for irrigation, so it is required that a streamline low-draft yacht be used to meet such natural conditions.
The 56-feet-long Catamaran sail yacht should be built in an optimum hull form design suited for sailing on the west coast and domestic coast.

The 56-feet-long duplex motor sailboat designed with a mainsail and headsail has optimum stability and sea kindness in time of sailing, and it is a cruise-type motor sailboat fitted with the latest leaking integration system for safe sailing and almost all convenience facilities. 

The streamlined hull line can make about 20 knots with two small-size 180-horsepower engines. It is built up so that anyone can moor it easily while maintaining the optimum steering performance in time of mooring at a close marina. The skeg at the bottom of a boat is a bottom-integrated appendage with stability, which is designed to promote sea kindness and reduce frictional resistance when a boat sails.

lies in semi-hill house design which enables a skipper can have a fair view on all sides of the yacht.
It's a stylish yacht where a skipper can effectively and easily control the mainsail and headsail  using the steering wheel and winch in the hill house.

Another major concept of the yacht lies in the fact that it's a model of a ship created by modifying the mother ship of 60-feet-long luxury motor yacht in the world-famous Crowther Multi-Hull Design suitably for domestic environment. Its interior is built on luxury design using the best finishing materials, which stands comparison with the top world brands. 

The full length of the yacht is 17 meters; its full width is of 8.4-meter class, and it is loaded with 2 diesel engines.
The structure of the main salon of the 56-feet-long catamaran sail yacht consists of a galley, living space, sofa, desk for business and cooking facility, which offers roomy space to 20 passengers. Particularly, refrigerator, cooking top, faucet, microwave, etc. are sufficient for passengers even to enjoy on-board party. In addition, this yacht is fitted with entertaining equipment such as satellite broadcasting, DVD Player, karaoke, game console, PC, and audio system.

There is a bar in the galley in which a large sofa is designed with two sections.  There are 4 bedrooms in the cabin with a private bathroom with bathtub in a main bedroom, and a shared bathroom for shower.

All furniture and interior are finished with the best high-glossy teakwood, and ceilings and wall are finished with leather-lapping process while cozy and luxury lighting heightens the interior atmosphere.
It flooring material is matt teakwood and bedroom is finished with the best quality carpet.

Skilled workers are put in the hull design and interior work which require a delicate handling, and seasoned professional interior crew carry out their job, especially on surface painting of wood and edges of combined parts with their delicate skills. 

This yacht is designed with an elegant hull form, by verifying the performance of its mother ship and previous ship and making a structural analysis so that it can maintain adequate strength even in case of unexpected impacts such as external factors, meteorological conditions, tidal wave influence, seabed environment, etc. ,and the occurrence of an accident, The key material of the hull belongs to key material of special matter, which reinforced the perpendicular & horizontal intensity so that it can sail out at sea. 

All materials are anti-marine-corrosive. Particularly, a series of rigging and handrails are treated with high-gloss polishing using 316L material which is the most excellent in corrosion proof among the stainless steel. 
As for the inhibitor of microbe-borne rust below water line, anti-poling paint is spread.

Our company made a hit with Gyeonggido International Boat Show, Changwon International Boat Show, and Kintex International Boat Show by developing & marketing a diversity of models along with our construction results, such as design, yacht-building and interior work of decades of motor yachts.

In yacht-building, first it's necessary to get approval of shipbuilding plans from Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority in order for the shipbuilding process to be correspondent to the standard of the Ships Safety Act, and then after going through manufacturing test, hull test, engine test and test run, a regular registration process is done using the test certificate issued. As for all equipment to be loaded in a yacht, it is mandatory that only the approved equipment and materials should be used as prescribed in the Ships Safety Act.


ㆍLength : 13.1m ㆍBeam : 3.88m ㆍGRT : 12ton ㆍBunker : 1,500liter
ㆍLength : 17m(56feet) ㆍBeam : 8.4m ㆍGRT : 14Ton(load 18Ton) ㆍBunker : 1,800liter
ㆍLength : 19.71m ㆍBeam : 4.58m ㆍGRT : 18ton ㆍBunker : 2000liter
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